Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Carmelle-Pretty in Pink!

Carmelle Très belle! Yeah! I got an instant crush on her. She said. "Oh! A French Accent!" I knew I had won her over even if it was just for the moment! Yeah, I speak French... That's just how I roll!

Je jette la fromage sur la montagne!

"I am a professional cheese thrower! This is why my stomach is so big!" I am the first and only cheese thrower (Jetteur des fromages) that these kids will ever know. Remember that I am a professional. Don't try this at home!

Girls are Not as Heavy as Boys!

I learned that a girl is not as heavy as the same sized boy. And... girls don't hit quite as hard either! Please make a note of it for next time Chachi!

This market smelled really bad. Hey no FDA here... or taxes, rules, lawsuits, food inspectors... None of that sissy liberal junk. Just some raw sewage inches from delicious fruit! Yummy! Let's do that in America! NOT!

Moises Preaching at His Church

This was an amazing experience! We praised Jesus side by side with the Haitians. The church was missing 3 walls and half of the roof. We walked over the rubble to enter the church. The amazing spirit of the Haitians was evident as they had nothing but praise and hope that God will provide.

Croix des Bouquets Orphanage

No that's not me in the front.That's me on the left in the Hawaiian shirt, kid on top of me... I spent most of this trip with kids climbing all over me and pummelling me. I actually loved it. I have bruises all over my legs more numerous than mosquito bites. This trip was not for the faint of heart...

Haiti 2010

Port-Au-Prince, Haïti, a very tragic place. The smell is of death. On our way we stopped and surfed and played on the beach in Florida. But this was not a trip of idyllic pleasure. This picture does not even do justice. There are scores of people still missing. Many of the orphans we entertained have parents and siblings under the rubble. Pray for them...